1. I hope I can locate your Part 2 expose to study your updated and upended conclusions.

    Your assumption that the sign is 1 ft. from the sidewalk is indeed inaccurate. I hope to see how that fact plays out.

  2. That “other” survey is Richard E. Sprague’s famous and very accurate photographic interpretation survey. Right down to the irregular dashed painted lines on the road.

    The “erroneous” scale you are referring to is itself trying to tell you that the border markers on the edge of the drawing are each 40 feet. It is not to be scaled directly. It is just a legend for the border markers.

  3. If you look at Willis Photo #5 you will see that Umbrella Man was actually standing at the rear side of the Stemmons sign and 10 feet downhill. He is falsely placed alongside the Stemmons sign in Zapruder and on the front to “prove” Umbrella Man never signalled for more shots from the grassy knoll after he saw JFK’s head wasn’t sufficiently blasted yet.

    Look at Zapruder’s lens in Willis photo #5. You can draw a straight line from his lens UNDER the Stemmons sign to JFK’s head and the limousine lower down (from Zapruder’s position of reference). In other words, Zapruder filmed JFK as he was passing UNDER the sign and getting shot in the right shoulder at about Z206 and the throat about Z220. That’s 0.77 seconds, which is not time enough to work the bolt on a rifle much less get off two shots. Not to mention the Z206 shoulder shot was from the rear and the Z220 shot into the throat was from the front. Not only was JFK fully visible to Zapruder’s camera, but look at the size of the sign for real in Willis, and notice in Zapruder the sign has been faked to be about 3 times its actual size. It not only was too high to cover up JFK in real life, it was left to right big enough to cover up only a part of the limousine, not the whole length of the limousine as purported in Zapruder 204.

    The cut and paste job faking the sign was botched again in Z220, upper right corner. The other hoaxed frames have it as a nice rounded corner. But in Z220 somebody got in a hurry and suddenly put a flat spot on the corner that was rounded in Z219 and Z221.

    We know JFK was hit in the shoulder first, because Kellerman (WCR 2:73) heard him exclaim, “My God, I am hit!” so his vocal cords were still intact. After he was hit in the throat he had a quizzical expression on his face (which Bill Newman also saw) and as Jackie leaned his way to see what was wrong he could only make a pained gurgling noise. At Z250 he was hit near his external occipital protuberance and the bullet stopped inside his head between the vomer bone and the right eye orbit. That is when he went unconscious, which is why you see his hands and arms start to drop at Z251, Z252, Z253……etc. This entrance hole was seen inside Trauma Room #1 by Parkland Dr. Robert Grossman, and part of the hole was later identified on the edge of the Harper Fragment photo by Dr. David Mantik, with a smudge of what has to be lead from the bullet.

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